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Name | Aishwarya Rai Nationality | Indian
Profession | Model, Actress Address | Not Available
Nickname | Aishu Widely Known As | Ash
Date Of Birth | November 1st, 1973 Place Of Birth | Karnataka, India
Height | 5'7 Weight | Approx. 55 kg
Eyes | Green-Blue Star Sign | Scorpio

Family | Krishnaraj Rai (Father), Brinda Rai (Mother), Aditya Rai (Brother)
Identication Marks | Mole on left arm above elbow
Languages | English, Hindi, Kannada (Tulu), Tamil (A bit)
Awards | Miss World 1994               
              Most Photogenic Face               
              Miss India 1994               
              Screen Weekly 1997
In Mumbai | From last 20+ years
Favourite Actress | Madhuballa, Madhuri Dixit
Favourite Pastimes | "I love to interact with people. That's my favourite pastime. Otherwise, if I alone, I love to listen to music". "I enjoy dancing as well but not when I alone" (laughs). "Music is my best friend. It peps me up when I am low and keeps me melancholic at times". "Also, when I want to party, its there to add the groove. Its the for you in all your moods".
Siblings | Older brother (Aditya, 3 years older), No sisters
Father's Occupation | Merchant Navy Officer

Mother's name | Brindya
Education | DG Ruparel College, Arya Vidya, Santacruz, Mumbai, India
College | DG Ruparel College, Mutanga, Mumbai, India (Considered #1 science college in city)
Favourite Subject College | Zoology
Career after HSC | Architecture course at Raheja College
First Modelling Assignment | In 9th Grade for Camelin Industries
Other Modelling Assignment | Pamolive, Casio pager, Pepsi, Phillips, Sheetal Diva, Prudent
Describes Herself In One Line | I'm just an average woman, with average concerns.
Likes and Dislikes:
These are a few of my favourite things...I love | The idea of being in love...being in love.love..

I prefer to forget | Um..unh..uh..I dig - DIGNITY! Its rare and hence priceless!

I get turned on by | The one who'll lead me to "the light".. even in the dark..

My biggest assets | GENUINENESS!! (Nothing about me is plastic)

My sex appeal | Compassion!!

My passion | Life... Living every moment in it! (as far as I can!!)

My greatest necessity | A hygienic environment ("people" included!)

My sorrows | Are mine!!!

My most unforgettable moment | Sighs... Do I have to spell it out?!

My favorite bedroom line | Ha! Ha! Just kidding!!

My strength | Comes from the honest love and faith the fewm but dear ones have for and in me!

My favorite possession | My strength..

Special ability | To enjoy success while it lasts, but not quite BELIEVE IT!

My most embarrassing moment | Noooooo! My lips are sealed!

What bores me most | People airing their dirty linen in public!

What pains me most | The knowledge that there are so many around, (who do so with malicious intent!)

What I avoid most | Stooping to their level!!

What tires me most | The fervour with which they mudsling!

What touches me most | The clear perception of my well-wishers, and their humility when expressing their Love!

My Birthday | 1st of November

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